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Preparing for Divorce

William E. Morgan, Attorney at Law  Nov. 21, 2022

A difficult negotiation.Endless arguments. Disagreements over small issues that were never a cause for concern before. Major decisions made without the input of the other partner. All of these, and others, could be signs that a marriage is moving into a new phase – or ending.  

Whether you only recently began thinking about divorce or the idea has been on your mind for years, it is important to be aware and prepared for what might happen next. Especially if you have children with your spouse, you will need to be knowledgeable about all of your legal options. 

William E. Morgan can advise you during this difficult time. With over 40 years of experience practicing law under his belt, he can advise you and represent your best interests. He will give your case the time and attention it deserves. William E. Morgan, Attorney at Law proudly represents clients in Grays Harbor County, Washington, including Montesano, Aberdeen, Hoquiam, and Pacific County, including South Bend and Raymond. 

Things to Consider Before Filing for Divorce 

It is natural to be overwhelmed if you are considering filing for divorce. Keep these points in mind before you file. 


If you and your spouse have not already sought professional counseling, it is important to consider going to a counselor before you file for divorce. A therapist may be able to help you work out marital issues, and the tools you learn in counseling could save your marriage. 

Type of Divorce 

On the other hand, your mind may already be made up and you may be set on divorce. If this is the case, consider which type of divorce you will be pursuing. In a contested divorce, spouses do not agree to the terms of a divorce. In an uncontested divorce, spouses do agree to the terms. In a collaborative divorce, spouses work together to set the terms. An attorney can be helpful in all types of divorce cases, but especially in a contested divorce. 

Living Situation 

Before filing for divorce, have a plan for where you will live next. Consider how you will pay for your current home, your new home, and utilities as well. 

Steps to Take to Prepare for the Divorce Process 

By knowing the steps to take when getting divorced and being prepared, you can reduce issues during the process. 

Hire an Experienced Family Law Attorney  

You can’t leave your financial future to chance. A knowledgeable family law attorney can help you protect your best interests and be on your side during this difficult time. Whether you need help knowing where to compromise or where to stand your ground, an experienced attorney can guide you. 

Secure Assets and Accounts 

If you have any income that is automatically being deposited into a joint account, you should change the deposit and secure the account. It is also a wise idea to change your passwords on all of your accounts if it is a password that your spouse knows. 
At the same time, make paper copies of important documents, especially those related to accounts and assets such as real estate and vehicles. Keep records of all of your finances, including checking accounts, savings accounts, and retirement accounts.  

Gather Your Personal Information 

Similarly, you should also collect documentation regarding your personal information. This includes your Social Security card, marriage license, proof of residency, proof of employment, and other important information. 

Evaluate Your Financial Situation 

Once you have all of your documentation, it is time to take stock of both what you have in your own name and what you will need. Collect all documentation relating to your debts as well. Then, take the time to evaluate your expenses, debts, and what remains. 

Determine Personal and Married Property 

Draw up a list of all your shared married property and your personal property. This includes vehicles, household items, personal belongings, and even your home. If there is paperwork related to the property, make a copy of it as well. 

Collect Legal Documents 

Now is the time to collect all legal documents. That includes insurance policies and tax returns, as well as any other legal documentation. If either you or your spouse owns a business, or if you own a business together, make sure you have copies of those documents as well. 

Don’t Face Divorce Alone. Call Now. 

Divorce is emotionally draining and will challenge you on more than one level. Work with an experienced attorney who will serve as your legal advocate during this major life change. The right lawyer will advocate for your needs each step of the way. 

William E. Morgan, Attorney at Law can bring his decades of experience to your side of the table and guide you during this difficult time. He is dedicated to giving his clients all the time their case requires. William E. Morgan, Attorney at Law proudly represents clients in Grays Harbor County, Washington, including Montesano, Aberdeen, Hoquiam, and Pacific County, including South Bend and Raymond.